Intellibot Hands Free Cleaning

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Intellibot Hands-Free Cleaning® is as easy as Prep, Point & Go, requiring no unique skills or complicated training.

Intellibot auto-scrubbers and vacuum offer the ultimate in versatility by allowing the operator to quickly switch between manual cleaning and Hands-Free Cleaning®. At the push of a button the operator can walk away to clean other areas while the floor is cleaned - true multi-tasking.

Hands-Free operation
An Intellibot machine established its floor-cleaning parameters for each shift then moved from area to area without manual intervention.

Eco-friendly operation
Eco Save advanced purification and recycling system uses 15 gallons of water per shift. That means less water use, less cleaning solution and 85% less waterwaste going down the drain.

Intelli-Trak monitoring
Operational data is saved and compiled into a report that is sent to our servers. Our customers log in to acess daily, weekly and monthly reports.

To see the Intellibot hands-free cleaner in action, please click here.

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