Here at OCS we are experienced in developing partnerships with some of New Zealand's leading retailers. From local stores, through to national chains and even some of New Zealand's largest shopping centres, we can provide an unrivalled level of support allowing you to focus on your customers.

OCS understands today's competitive retail sector; creating a positive retail environment is at the very heart of the customer experience and can increase both footfall and sales. As such, we are focused on the consistent immaculate presentation of your premises.

Our service staff are all trained in house to the nationally accredited standard and this, along with our nationwide branch presence, makes OCS ideally placed to deliver the highest of standards across your retail network.

Our service range spans from stocktaking through to the essential services needed to run your stores day to day such as providing cleaning, security, pest management and washroom services. We excel in food court management and cleaning, both continuously throughout opening hours and as part of our general cleaning.

OCS has both the customer care focus and operational know how to consistently delight you and your customers.