OCS are able to achieve and maintain high standards due to our proven and ISO 9001 certified Integrated Quality Assurance System. We conduct regular quality audits, detail the actions we take to correct non-conformances and measure the standards we achieve against your Key Performance Indicators.

Our people are supported with customised, site and service specific training. We also have a range of leadership and management training, designed to equip staff with the skills required to become effective supervisors and operational managers. Our in-house training team is led by a Training Manager (based at our national support office in Auckland) and includes trainers deployed around the country. In 2013 we completely reviewed and revised our training programmes and believe the results are industry leading.

We follow robust, documented and regularly reviewed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), allowing our clients to benefit from proven, best practice procedures. These SOP cover all areas of our business including service delivery, HR, contract management, financial management and health & safety. Compliance is checked as part of a rolling audit programme overseen by our dedicated General Manager - HSEQ.